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I am a Professor of Computer Science at Tulane University and the Chair of the Department of Computer Science in the School of Science and Engineering. I also have an adjunct appointment in the Department of Mathematics. My research interests are Algorithms, in particular Computational Geometry and Shape Matching, Topological Data Analysis, as well as applied areas such as Geospatial Data Analysis and Biomedical Applications.

Open Postdoc and PhD Student Positions
I have open positions for PhD students and for a postdoc, to work on theoretical and applied aspects of trajectory clustering and geometric graph comparison. The applied trajectory clustering involves massive trajectory data and combines methods from computational geometry and machine learning. For geometric graph comparison we use approaches from computational geometry (Fréchet distance) and topological data analysis.

The postdoc position is for the applied trajectory clustering project and will ideally start in spring 23. For PhD students, depending on the research topic of interest, different projects are available. Funding for PhD students consists of a combination of teaching and research assistantships. PhD students typically start in fall semesters.

Please contact me at cwenk -at- tulane -dot- edu if you are interested in any of these positions.

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