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I am a Professor of Computer Science at Tulane University and the Chair of the Department of Computer Science in the School of Science and Engineering. I also have an adjunct appointment in the Department of Mathematics. My research interests are Algorithms, in particular Computational Geometry and Shape Matching, Topological Data Analysis, as well as applied areas such as Geospatial Data Analysis and Biomedical Applications.

Postdoc and PhD Student Positions

We have multiple immediate open postdoc and PhD positions at at Tulane University (directed by Dr. Carola Wenk) and at Emory University (directed by Dr. Andreas Züfle). These positions will be part of a multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary team in the IARPA Hidden Activity Signal and Trajectory Anomaly Characterization (HAYSTAC) program.

We are seeking motivated postdocs and PhD students for two specific research areas: (1) Massive Microsimulation and (2) Trajectory Modeling and Mining. For more information please see the flyer here.

For the positions at Tulane, please email Carola Wenk at cwenk -at- tulane -dot- edu and apply at the following links: postdoc position, PhD program in Computer Science.

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