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I enjoy involving students in my research projects and to give them the opportunity to get hands-on experience doing cutting-edge research. Below is a list of students who are currently working with me or who have been working with me in the past.

PhD students

  • Erfan Hosseini
  • Yu (Demi) Qin

  • Majid Mirzanezhad; now at Transportation Research Institute, University of Michigan
  • Sushovan Majhi; now at UC Berkeley, School of Information
  • Peter Lawson; now at Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Libraries
  • Mahmuda Ahmed; now at Google
  • Jessica Sherette; now at UTSA
  • Atlas F. Cook IV

    Master's students

  • Pan Fang
  • Jayanthi Nalini
  • Nazul Grimaldo
  • Allen Fouty
  • Randall Salas
  • Jeffrey Byrne
  • Neil Kalinowski

    Undergraduate students

  • Merrilee Montgomery
  • Will Rodman
  • Emily Powers
  • Rena Repenning
  • Justin Phillips
  • Raphael Deykin
  • Joseph Allen
  • Jason Georgis
  • Myranda Summers
  • Ethan Bogart
  • Winona Richey
  • Carolyn Ma
  • Parker Evans: Honors thesis on self-overlapping curves, interior boundaries, and minimum area homotopies; code for visualizing minimum area homotopies
  • Andrea Burns
  • Gianna Capezio: Mapping blight and alcohol density data in New Orleans
  • Kai Kuroda
  • Elaine Chang
  • Ben Slavin
  • Joel Gotthelf
  • Matthew Fortuna
  • Cody Licorish
  • Tyler Schlichenmeyer
  • Greg Cousins
  • Evan Cordell: Honors thesis on computing the Fréchet distance for simple polygons
  • Mikey Segura
  • Ali Scissons
  • Jessica Stahley
  • Matt Moore
  • Miriam Winter
  • Sean Pivek
  • Isha Gupta
  • Bianca Castillo
  • Drew Shaw

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