Zizhan Zheng, Computer Science, Tulane University

Openings for PhD Students:  I am looking for self-motivated students in the areas of (1) AI security and safety and (2) reinforcement learning. If you are interested, please email me your CV, detailed transcripts, and GRE/TOEFL scores (if available). Students with experience in deep learning, reinforcement learning, game theory, or security are preferred.


08/2023:   Zixuan Liu joined Dr. Zheng's group as a new PhD Student. Welcome on board, Zixuan!
05/2023:   Our paper on pandering in voting systems is accepted at UAI 2023. Well done Xiaolin!
04/2023:   Our paper on coordinated beamforming is accepted at SIGMETRICS 2023. Congratulations Ding!
12/2022:   Our paper on online learning with joint probing and play is accepted at INFOCOM 2023. Congratulations Tianyi!
09/2022:   Our paper on RL-based model poisoning against federated learning is accepted at NeurIPS 2022. Congratulations Henger and Xiaolin!
01/2022:   Dr. Zheng received the prestigious NSF CAREER Award. Thank you NSF!
09/2020:   Our paper Robust Sequence Submodular Maximization was accepted to NeurIPS 2020. Congratulations Gamal!
08/2020:   Dr. Zheng is offering a new graduate course on reinforcement learning.
08/2020:   Xiaolin Sun joined Dr. Zheng's group as a new PhD Student. Welcome on board, Xiaolin!
01/2020:   Our paper Spatial-Temporal Moving Target Defense: A Markov Stackelberg Game Model was accepted to AAMAS 2020. Congratulations!
01/2020:   Our paper Structure Matters: Towards Generating Transferable Adversarial Images was accepted to ECAI 2020. Congratulations Dan!
08/2019:   Shiyuan Zhang and Tianyi Xu joined Dr. Zheng's research group. Welcome on board!
07/2019:   Our paper Placement and Allocation of Virtual Network Functions: Multi-dimensional Case was accepted to ICNP 2019. Congratulations Gamal!
08/2018:   Dr. Zheng received a three-year grant from the NSF NeTS program (with Parth H. Pathak at GMU).
08/2018:   Dr. Zheng received a three-year grant from the NSF SaTC program (sole PI).
05/2018:   Our paper Analysis of Thompson Sampling for Graphical Bandits Without the Graphs was accepted to UAI 2018. Congratulations Fang!
01/2018:   Henger Li joined Dr. Zheng's research group. Welcome on board, Henger!
11/2017:   Our paper Online Partial Throughput Maximization for Multidimensional Coflow was accepted to INFOCOM 2018. Congratulations!
04/2017:   Dr. Zheng received a two-year grant from the Louisiana Board of Regents (sole PI).
03/2017:   Our paper on current channel probing and data transmission was accepted to MobiHoc 2017. Congratulations Zhenzhi!
11/2016:   Two papers were accepted to INFOCOM 2017. Congratulations Hao and Xiaotao!
11/2016:   Our paper on optimal timing of security updates was accepted to AAAI 2017.
07/2016:   Dr. Zheng joined Tulane University.

Short Bio

Zizhan Zheng received his PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from The Ohio State University, advised by Prof. Prasun Sinha, and his MS in Computer Science from Peking University, where he was a member of Peking University-Bell Labs Software Technology Joint Laboratory. Prior to joining Tulane, he was a postdoctoral researcher at OSU working with Prof. Ness B. Shroff and then an associate specialist at UC Davis working with Prof. Prasant Mohapatra. Dr. Zheng's Erdös number is 3.

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Research Interests