Zizhan Zheng, Computer Science, Tulane University

Openings for PhD Students:  I am looking for self-motivated students in the areas of networking, machine learning, and security. If you are interested, please email me your CV, detailed transcripts, and GRE/TOEFL scores. Students with a solid background in algorithms and optimization are preferred.


01/2020:   Our paper "Spatial-Temporal Moving Target Defense: A Markov Stackelberg Game Model" is accepted to AAMAS 2020. Congratulations, Henger and Wen!
01/2020:   Our paper "Structure Matters: Towards Generating Transferable Adversarial Images" is accepted to ECAI 2020. Congratulations to the team!
09/2019:   Dr. Wen Shen joined Dr. Zheng's research group as a postdoctoral researcher. Welcome on board!
08/2019:   Shiyuan Zhang and Tianyi Xu joined Dr. Zheng's research group. Welcome on board!
08/2018:   Dr. Zheng received a three-year grant from the NSF NeTS program (with Parth H. Pathak at GMU).
08/2018:   Dr. Zheng received a three-year grant from the NSF SaTC program (sole PI).
01/2018:   Henger Li joined Dr. Zheng's research group. Welcome on board, Henger!
04/2017:   Dr. Zheng received a two-year grant from the Louisiana Board of Regents (sole PI).
07/2016:   Dr. Zheng joined Tulane University.

Short Bio

Zizhan Zheng received his PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the Ohio State University (PhD advisor: Prof. Prasun Sinha) and his MS in Computer Science from Peking University, where he was a member of Peking University-Bell Labs Software Technology Joint Laboratory. Prior to joining Tulane, he was a postdoctoral researcher at OSU working with Prof. Ness B. Shroff and then an associate specialist at UC Davis. Dr. Zheng's Erdös number is 3.

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Research Interests