Multimodal Spatial Role Labeling

CLEF-2017 Lab, Dublin, 11-14 September 2017

The main goal of multi-modal SpRL is to explore the extraction of spatial information from two information resources that are image and text. This is important for various applications such as semantic search, question answering, geographical information systems and even in robotics for machine understanding of navigational instructions or instructions for grabbing and manipulating objects. It is also essential for some specific tasks such as text to scene conversion or vice-versa, scene understanding as well as general information retrieval tasks when using a huge amount of available multimodal data from various resources. Moreover, there is an increasing interest in the extraction of spatial information from medical images that are accompanied by natural language descriptions. In this workshop we accept papers related to this research topic, moreover, we provide a pilot task and data for the interested participants to build a system for such extractions.