Parisa Kordjamshidi
Phone: (504) 247-1543
Fax: (504) 865-5786
Office: 305B Stanley Thomas Hall
Postal: 6823 St. Charles Avenue, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118
Official Website, Google Scholar, LinkedIn, C.V.
Parisa Kordjamshidi

I am looking for PhD students and Postdocs in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Information extraction from Biomedical text and images, please send me an Email if you are interested. Post-doc candidates can officially apply via Interfolio.

Current Lab Members
  • Chen Zheng: Graduate student, Fall 2018-current.
Other Visitors/Collaborators
  • Umar Manzoor: Postdoctoral Researcher, Fall-Spring 2017/2018.
  • Taher Rahgooy: Teaching Assistant, Fall 2017.
  • Summer interns:
    • Yue Zhang [Joslin] (2018)
    • Jiajie Yang (2018)
    • Abiyaz Chowdhury (2017)

    Master thesis proposals and supervision

    Spatial Role Labeling based on ISO-Space 1.5 annotation scheme, a Convolutional Neural Network approach, Mahmoud Ammar, Sep. 2015. KULeuven.

    Machine Reading of Biological Texts, Wouter Massa, June 2014. Master of Informatics KULeuven.

    Ontology-based information extraction, Melih Tuzunoglu, 2013. Master of Informatics KULeuven.

    Active learning for spatial information extraction, Marzieh Hosseinpour, 2013. Master of AI KULeuven

    Preposition disambiguation using relational learning, Behrouz Eslami Shahr Babaki, 2012. Master of AI KULeuven.

    Extraction of motion verbs for instructing an autonomous robot using statistical relational learning, Maarten Tielemans en Pieter-Jan Speelmans, 2011, Master of AI KULeuven.