Michael W. Mislove

Pendergraft Herbert Buchanan Professor
Department of Mathematics
Tulane University


Professor and Chairman

Computer Science Department

Tulane University




        Department of Mathematics                       Department of Computer Science

        Tulane University                                       Tulane University  

        New Orleans, LA 70118                             New Orleans, LA 70118

Email:  mislove@tulane.edu                              compsci@tulane.edu

Office:  Gibson 400C                                         Stanley Thomas 303D


Phone:    +1 504 862-3441 (Math)                     +1 504 865-5803 (CS)

FAX:        +1 504 865-5063                                +1 504 865-5786

Research Interests:

Mathematics: Topological Algebra, Domain Theory, Ordered Structures, Category Theory, Non-well-founded Set Theory

Theoretical Computer Science: Semantics of High-level Programming Languages, Concurrency Theory, Process Algebra and Probabilistic Models

News: MFPS XXXIII will take place at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia in June, 2017. More information will be available when the conference dates are firm.